Gibson Dove

doveQueen of Folk guitars. Dig the sound, dig the design! As a Folk-Song addict too, I love to sing Dylan with it. I rarely take it with me on the road because I only have one back and two hands.


This beauty sees sometimes the limelights for a special occasion, as it was for the Love & Light Night, this special evening around the new album launch. That night, with my three guests, I had a dozen of beautiful string instruments in a line all around me.


I used it in the studio on such ballads as "December Blues" (Love & Light), "Yellow Flower" (Thankful) but also on rockin' tunes "I Do Alone", "So Blind" and in open-tuning on "Shankila Washte" (Bootstompin' the Blues). Fishman transducer.



© Seb