Gibson L00 - 1995

l00Reissue of the pre-war model. Perfect guitar for finger-picking playing style, I wanted mine as soon as I got trapped by acoustic Blues, because I had noticed I would have to search among small guitars...


September 1996, I was in Chicago, and as I already got the 1931 Duolian in NYC two years before, I wanted an old L1 to make a pretty couple. I had the money for it, but I could not find anyone, so when I met this L00 and a Dove at "The Different Strummer" (hi Ted), I brang 'em both to my place, and I wrote "Blues for you", the opening track of my first album, telling the story of this Cicago trip. I use it on almost every one of my six string wood guitar tunes, with harp on rack. Fishman transducer.



© Alain Aguano