1930 Nation Style O

StyleOResonator guitar, not a Dobro, it’s a National!

The style O was the very first single cone model from the firm, before the Duolian which came up one year later. The project was to offer a lower price model than Tricones or triplates that only established musicians could afford. It's a nickeled brass body with maple neck. It uses the biscuit system as a bridge (Dobros use the spider).



This one is an early 1930 model and I met her during 2016 summer. She had a huge influence on Soul Confidence project. I play slide guitar on 9 tracks, which is considerable compared to my previous albums. This guitar is mint ans the great sound could do nothing else but increase my inspiration. My favorite guitar because I had to wait to reach 51 to afford one!




CT7V M.Poveda