Trophées 2008 Blues Sur Seine

tremplinbss2009 - Blues sur Seine Festival compilation introducing 2008 contest finalists. Magic Buck shares with Marc-André Léger, Antoine Holler, Mojo Hand, Acoustic Soul Factory, Blackberry'n Mr Boo Hoo, Jérôme Piétri and Philippe Devin, plus the Intrnational contest finalists Lonj, Big Dez and Slim Wood.

Toulon City Blues

touloncityblues2002 - Tandem Production - Double CD Compilation introducing twenty-two bands and artists from Toulon (Fr) and around. Everyone performs acoustic blues covers. Magic Buck is present with two tracks : Robert Johnson's "If I had Possession over Judgement Day" & Willie Harris' "Bull Frog Blues".

Blues Against Racism

bluesagainstracism1999 - Compilation about racism theme, gathering seventeen bands and artists, produced by "On @ Faim ! Label". Among David Evans, Little Bob, Tao Ravao, Roland Malines... Magic Buck sings his "Shankila Washte", a tribute to his lakota sioux friend Clark White Bird and his people.


On @ Faim ! Label, Mélodie distribution

Hexagone Blues


1999 - Compilation produced by french bluesman Patrick Verbeke, introducing nine contemporary blues bands & artists from various regions of France. Magic Buck is present with two tracks : "White Stud & Black Mare" et "Obsession".

Dixiefrog / Magic Blues, MSI distribution