2014 - Here comes Manuto's second album, the answer to Magic Buck's invitation on Love & Light back in 2011. Buck plays harmonica on the opening track Radio Poussiere, the one they often play in duet when they join on stage.

Mme Oleson


2014 - Francis, Francis & Francis asked Magic Buck about joinin' them on their new album and he said yes !

Heavy Duty


2012 - The guys in this Heavy Metal band are close friends Buck used to play with when he first headed into Rock music, when they were young and too wild to tame. As they're all still alive and kickin', they invited him to play their second album intro with his National guitar. Highly recommanded if you like big sound !




Brennus Music BR 8262

Chainsaw Billies

chainsaw2011 - French bluegrass-garage band first CD album. Banjo player Tony Zombi was Magic Buck's guest on his Love & Light album, to play Coyote Dance. The same year, Buck was Chainsaw Billies' guest on their first production, playing harmonica and singing backing vocals on three tracks.

Jean Muller

jeanmuller2000 - Magic Buck produces poet and singer Jean Muller's first album "Les Mailles des Mots". He performs several instruments on many songs, as "Mon Petit" with his National Duolian. Jean became Buck's closest friend after this experience.