Bootstompin' The Blues!


1998 - After several years of playin' and singin' Blues standards, Magic Buck spends falls and winter writing his own material. 


He then begins recording with friend Patrice "Lezart" Lasartigues' help at home, Toulon and in Studio Janas, Six-Fours (south of France). These sessions gave birth to eighteen tracks you can hear on this nervous and powerful debut album.


Total timing : 71mn 

Recorded live with no overdubs on a ProTool & Macintosh 4 track digital system 

Recording & Mix : Patrice "Lézart" Lasartigues

Pre-mastering : Jean-Luc, at Mad Master, Paris

Photos : Jean-Michel Fidanza, Toulon






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"Magic Buck managed to make an out of fashion and out of time recording, that rejuvenates our neurons tired by too much sophistication that often kills Blues Music!" 

(Serge Sciboz, Blues & co)


"Bootstompin' the Blues revisits traditionnal Blues with a lot of sensitivity!" 

(Patrick Sibili, Blues Mag)


"You must own it in your CD collection!" 

(Uncle Lee, la Gazette de Greenwood)


"A treat!" 

(Jacques Périn, Soul Bag)


"Buck really sounds like the ancients, meanwhile, he sure knows how to do it very personnally!"  

(René Malines, Travel in Blues)


"Buck is much more interesting in his modern tunes"

(Christophe Mourot -Soul Bag)


"Buck knows where his true musical roots are : straight to the bone" 

(Daniel Alfandari, Var-Nice matin)