Love & Light


lovelight2011 - After Thankful, a transition album which had led him back to business, this is Love & Light showing us the new man Magic Buck has become after all these years.


Today, Buck is more present than ever, living his music intensely from day to day, and pours our hearts with Love and Light along thirteen new songs during 64 minutes. For the very first time, he shares his music with guests, three artists he crossed paths with for the last three years, and who became his closest friends in music : Manuto (Weissenborn hawaïïan guitar), Mike Greene (vocals, mandolin & accordion) and Tony Zombi (banjo).







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"Buck's music is not anybody's Blues. The whole man is impregnated with Blues stickin' so hard to his boots soles. To everyone of us who cares how to get them words, caresses, even slaps, Buck's songs are testimonies and confidences... Because, rarely in french Blues music, an artist's work moves so much anybody who makes an effort to pay attention."

(Marc Loison - Blues & Co)


"Made in the same studio than its predecessor Thankful three years ago, this opus puts in words and music the distance covered since then"

(Frankie Bluesy Pfeiffer - Paris-Move)


"Magic Buck is from that kind of so atypical and sincere bluesmen that we want to dig to know a little more about their life"

(Serge Scibosz - BCR)


"From the begining to the end, atmosphere keep varying from one track to another, and takes us to this Light which seems to illuminate Buck from the inside, bringing appeasing"

(Gilles Blampain - Blues Again)


"Buck makes a good mix between repetitive and melodic transitions, and shows maturity and actual experiences. Various styles propose enough interest to make you feel like playing the CD over and over"

(Christophe Mourot - Soul Bag)


"Magic Buck does exactly as his pleases and this is what we enjoy the most, because as usual, his ideas are worthy of interest and his own way to set them up is undeniably the best"

(Fred Delforge - Zicazic)


"The most outcomin' album because, without any doubt, the most intimate and personal Magic Buck's album"

(Myriam Chazalon - Peppermint Blues)