thankful2008 - Even if material is dated 2001, this is truly Magic Buck's rebirth album. Other projects, paternity, then disease, had delayed a second album recording.


In 2006, during chemiotherapy, here comes the light to get out of the tunnel! Encouraged by friend Marc Poveda, Buck went back at last in a studio and spent 18 months to make Thankful (Title chosen to thank the disease which made him a new man). He had to relearn everyone of his songs to be able to play them. This inside trip took him to remisson in 2007, and this new album led him back to life and stage in 2008.







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"This is a real craftsman blues we've got here, resolutely acoustic, old-time made but with modern mood. The man who, ten years ago, had delighted everybody's ears with his debut CD album Bootstompin' the Blues is back with a chiselled work."

(Gilles Blampain - Blues Again)


"Buck sings, slides, yells, picks, blows, inhales and stomps during more than one hour. Because Magic Buckis a quartet : vocals, guitar, harmonica and percussions. That makes the whole sound rich and various"

(René Malines - Virus de Blues)


"Where Blues is combined with sweat, blood and tears, where Blues points fingers at usurpers, where Blues is Religion This long trip Magic Buck sure knows what he's talkin' about, because he's just been back from it..."

(Serge Sciboz - BCR)


"Yet full of sincerity and generosity, his ten years purgatory should bless him with a true bluesman credibility…"

(Christian Chazalon - Peppermint Blues)


"Don’t let yourself down by ignoring this artist who must make it across the Channel. After all, why should those frenchies keep him all for themselves"

(Nat Harrap - Blues Matters)


"Magic Buck's tunes have a strong personality, even originality, if you really can have some today in this so ancient and infintely played music style for the past one hundred years"

(Fred Delforge - Zicazic)


"A Blues... of such an intense sensitivity and emotion which leads you to understand that the man found serenity to travel in troubled and worried life"

(Frankie Bluesy Pfeiffer - Paris-Move)